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Conferences/seminars:  we have so far organised three seminars in SOAS, with a fourth due in August; these have looked at the British CPA in Southern Iraq; the development of the economy from private and public perspectives; August will look at the hydrocarbon economy.

Publishing: We aim to publish paper, book reviews, and bibliographies pertaining to the issues of the Middle East and Iraq in particular.

Useful Links: We will publish links to research papers, economic reports and material useful for the economic development of the country.

Consulting Services: We will offer consulting services and will link up with those independent research organisations focusing on Iraq.

Member services:  We will offer a members only web space for fora  and blogs; we will invite membership!

Contact:  In the meantime, as we develop this site, please contact me:

Or go to our LinkedIn page at:

Our activities

Who is SIRA?

The SOAS Iraq Research Association grew out of a group of like minded graduate research students at SOAS - the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London - all of whom had a specific interest in Iraq.  Some because of an Iraqi heritage, or some because of previous involvement with the country.

SIRA intends to be a serious organisation, focusing on research, offering services here these might of assistance to the development of Iraq; to foster relationships between disparate groups, be they charitable, commercial, non-governmental, para-staatal and supra-national for the benefit of the development of the State of Iraq and its citizens

We recognise the difficulties; the long-term nature of our overall goal - the overall settlement of the wishes of the Iraqi people.

We have no affiliation, are not funded by any external body, and are not driven, indeed maybe riven, by different political and economic ideologies.  But though this aim to offer a balanced and considered approach.  Each founding member has their own, individual, area of research, in oil contracts, industrial restructuring, the NGO sector, and state economics amongst them.  Diverse and inclusive!

The panel at a SIRA inspired meeting 6th February 2015, at SOAS.

This website is under development, and all recommendations, thoughts and considerations will be gratefully accepted - if not all immediately acknowledged!

paul© SIRA 2015. Contact